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The Jazz fest that features some amazing talent from across the world happens once a year in Hamburg. This year I was asked to be part of the press team to document this amazing festival. It was quite the experience.

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Fabian Wolf

Artist and awseome guy! We spent the afternoon on the top of a World War 2 bunker in the heart of the city to create the ground work for his up and coming exhibition in Copenhagen. Spray Cans, Nail Polish, and scissors were the order of the day to create his very experimental style of work. We were pleased to be supported by Viva Con Agua on this project.

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The Under Belly

For me this is an ongoing project of exploring the city at night and diving into the underbelly of the inner workings of a city. Experimenting with neon lights, subways and passages that are the arteries of our metropolis.

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The OtherSHi

The OtherShi are a band from Germany residing in Berlin and Hamburg they make a melty electronic anti pop sounds. I followed them for a day and created a series of pics for them to be used for PR and to find that one shot that then went on to be used for their gig at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

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Sneaker Animal Pack Release

The launch of a new sneaker drop is always a big thing, this time I was asked to hang with the crowd as the latest release from Nike hit the streets. The Animal Pack are two re releases of two classic silhouettes. 

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